We offer a large range of Window Films to our clients to cover a full range of application requirements. Our range is broken down to three different categories:

  • Privacy Window Films
  • Safety Window Films
  • Solar Reflective Window Films

Privacy Window Films

Our range of window films enable us to cover many different privacy requirements.

We regularly install privacy films to help provide privacy and dignity solutions for glazed ares in hospitals, schools, doctor's surgeries etc, as well as to offices or any other areas where data protection or personal privacy is required.

There are two primary types of privacy that our window films can deliver:

Full time two-way privacy or Daytime one-way privacy.

Full time two-way privacy is achieved by installing frosted or solid colour films. Frosted films offer an acid-etched glass appearance, preventing vision both ways whilst still allowing high levels of light to penetrate through the glass. This is ideal for Privacy and Dignity purposes where night and day privacy is achievable without significant loss of natural light.

Daytime one-way privacy can be achieved by installing a solar reflective window film. The film has a mirror type reflective appearance on the brightest side of the glass, which is nearly always the outside during daylight hours. This considerably reduces vision through the glass from outside, whilst maintaining the view from the inside outwards. The degree of reflectiveness is altered by lighting levels and on dull days, or as the light at the end of the day reduces, the degree of privacy reduces.

The solar reflective film also offers a considerable reduction in glare and solar heat gain, as well as cutting out most UV rays.

We are also able to offer glazing manifestation strips or dots to give both a decorative finish and higher visibility for safety reasons.

Safety Window Film

Professionally installed safety film provides an invisible yet highly effective protection to people and property. Tested to relevant British (BS 6206) and European (EN 12600) impact tests. Safety films have a tough, scratch resistant coating and come with a long warranty.

Safety films hold glass fragments together in the event of breakage and will also help to strengthen glass, lessening the risk of breakage following malicious or accidental impact.

Glazing which does not meet Regulation 14 guidelines must be upgraded. The solution is to either remove and re-glaze (expensive and disruptive) or have high-quality and cost effective security film applied with little disruption to staff and routines within a building.

Combined solar-safety films are available offering the benefits of both types in one film in one.

Solar Reflective Window Film

We offer a range of solar control window films to reduce solar heat gain and glare, as well as providing other benefits.

Commercial buildings, school classrooms or any office with external windows can suffer excessive heat from the sun and can be a major problem to occupants, leading to discomfort, lethargy and even dangerous levels of heat. Solar films reject up to 79% of the sun's energy, whilst still allowing clear vision out of a building. Further more, energy costs can be reduced significantly by the reduced requirements of air-conditioning units in the summer and heat-retention in the winter.

With an ever increasing number of pc monitors and television screens, glare is another major problem in the modern world. Installing a solar film can reduce this glare by up to 86%, improving productivity and reducing discomfort and eye strain for users.

Desks, computer cables and personal belongings can make even the most modern of buildings appear untidy and cluttered. A solar control film will give an instant and dramatic improvement by providing a uniform appearance. There are colours available to match any requirement such as striking blue or green and modern silver. Our Neutral range is almost undetectable to passers by and is particularly suited to buildings in historic surroundings.

Solar films significantly reduce the incidence of fading by blocking around 99% of Ultra Violet light which is fading's main cause. Heat and visible light are also major factors with regard to fading - both of which are reduced by the application of a solar control film.

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