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We have a vast amount of experience in supplying and installing blinds in to the Medical & Clinical sectors. We have developed an excellent reputation for our product quality and installation reliability, with our customers knowing that we are a company they can always rely on to get the job done correctly and on time.

Working for a variety of medical facilities, both NHS and private sector, we combine our experience with our comprehensive range of window covering and sun protection products to enable our clients to provide comfortable surroundings for their staff and patients whilst meeting the Privacy & Dignity requirements.

We offer a range of blinds, including blinds with fully cleanable fabrics with Biosafe coatings, to enable you to control your privacy and dignity requirements and manage infection control.

  • NHS blinds
  • Infection Control Blinds
  • Hospital Ward Blinds
  • Waiting Room Blinds
  • Biosafe Blinds
  • Anti-ligature Blinds
  • Dentists Surgery Blinds
  • Doctors Surgery Blinds
  • Office Blinds
  • Child Safe Blinds

Where glazed partitions or panels are causing Privacy & Dignity issues we are able to install obscure frosted window film to allow natural light through whilst providing privacy in both directions night and day.

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