We manufacture and install a range of curtain and cubiclerails, as well as curtains, for use within Commercial and Educational buildings. Using quality aluminium rails and curtains in flame retardant fabrics we are able to provide solutions for most curtain requirements.

We have installed rails and curtains for a huge variety of different applications, including:

  • Classroom Curtains
  • Stage Curtains
  • Bedroom Curtains
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Acoustic Curtains
  • Ceremonial Curtains

Our range of rails are available as hand drawn or cord operated and our made to measure curtains are suitable for use in classrooms, meeting rooms, dormitories etc.... They are manufacdtured from a wide range of fabrics and colours, available lined or unlined and with blackout options.

For further information please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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